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Networking, dating, making meaningful connections—it can all feel like a full-time job—and digital nomads already have jobs, if not companies of our own. Let alone hours of our days spent on searching for flights and places to call home, if not also workable wifi.

We’re tired of saying hellos and, shortly thereafter, goodbyes to backpackers and travelers “on holiday” just as much as we’re over falling for locals or just making connections with those who, for reasons unbeknownst to us, won’t quit their on-site 9-to-5s and uproot their entire lives.

We just want to meet people who are already on our wavelength, both personally and professionally. Digital nomads. And, despite the fact that there are 35 million of us and counting, that’s thus far felt like a far-from-feasible feat with traditional dating and meetup app offerings.

Enter: Punta.

Punta is disrupting the meetup app world as we know it. It’s for those who are sick of swiping through users who share neither an itinerant lifestyle nor the experiences and ensuing values that come with it.

It’s for those who don’t want to have to pick a place because they picked a person or date people for their potential to someday see the world.

It’s for anyone who is exhausted from convincing their families that they don’t need to succumb to society’s idea of “settling down” to find a partner(s) because their travels have proven just how abundant connections can be.

It’s also for anyone just looking to make more friends for the journey—to cowork, explore or both.

Punta was built by digital nomads, for digital nomads. Our team met gallivanting around the globe, and some of us even connected in coworking spaces in various corners of the world. Collectively, we’ve traversed over 100 countries and counting with over a decade of traveling, laptops in tote.

Now, we wanted to create a meeting point for people like us—people who are not only nomading but who are also already crossing our paths and sharing our interests. Because we don’t have time to do the heavy searching that traditional meetup apps require when we’re busy searching for hammerheads in the Galapagos or the snowcapped heights of the Himalayas.

While working, of course.

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